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Working with natural stone

What is About Stone?

This is an international, non-commercial, information and contact resource for people who work with natural stone. Our main service is Stone Conversations (an email discussion group). We have been here since 1997.

Stone Conversations — an email discussion group

Conversations is an open email discussion group — the only place on the Internet which brings together people who work with stone in different countries and cultures. Our international membership includes sculptors, carvers, stonemasons, architects, geologists, quarry workers, artisans, students, professionals — all learning from each other.

The main focus of discussion is natural stone as a physical material (eg: comparative properties, geological formation, methods, tools, techniques) but also as a component of our working lives (eg: quarries, suppliers, markets, workshops, training), and as a material with cultural connotations (eg: landscapes, architecture, art). We invite everyone who works with stone, whether by hand, eye or imagination, to join the group.

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Stone Sculpture Virtual Library

Our Stone Sculpture Virtual Library (previously the ‘Stone Directory’, started in 1998) joined the Virtual Library project in June 2006 (reference post).

In June 2010, we concluded that our virtual library, rooted in the Web 1.0 past, did not have much of a future. We removed it while it was still at the peak of its success (reference post).

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